Havida's Realm

Rosalis Rosas and Forbidden Reminder

~Two Empires looking for a glorious future~


Welcome to Havida's Realm !

If you are checking the website, take the time to look around for all the informations you need. If you appear to be interested in joining, whisper the username on Feral Heart: DeepWhisper and join the Discord server. Besides that, we don't bite and we enjoy seeing the group grow as a community so don't be shy !

We hope you enjoy your stay. ^^
Far, Far beyond everything, a Unicorn looked down upon the world she had created by herself. Havida was satisfied with her work, however, one thing bothered her: Something was missing. So, the Maker of all chose a piece of land, isolated from the rest of the world and decided to claim it as her own personal Home. She created a special and beautiful area in which she would rest and roam among the preys, healing and protecting the Animal Kind.

However, this moment of peace didn't last, for Humans had found these lands and were already settling on her territory, claiming territories just as well as killing or caging animals for their own benefits. Furious that Animals and Humans couldn't live together in harmony, Havida split the land in two, creating a vast sea between the two areas. On one side, the Animals remained safe in the lands that the Humans had not yet touched. On the other side, Havida had trapped the Humans in their doom. She threw a curse upon their kind, leaving them to die in a decaying territory. Thus, were the creation of the Damned Lands and the territory of The Broken Moon.

The Goddess knew she had to protect her new Realm, her Home. So, she looked down upon the creatures she had made, and the brave shape of a wolf appeared. Fierce Fighters, Noble Hunters, Good Singers, they were. The Maker of all took a pair of wolves to settle in the lands that hadn't been touched by the evil hand of Mankind. And, The Unicorn's plan worked and soon, the Rosalis Rosas empire was made... However, has time passed, the empire grew bigger and the Wolves grew tired of wandering the same territories: they wanted to explore.

They found the sea, the border between the beautiful land and the decaying one. Some Wolves drowned while attempting so, but some other were stronger and managed to reach the Damned Land. Havida watched them with disappointment, for no Creature is flawless. The Forbidden Reminder empire had been created. But Havida didn't pay attention, instead, she looked across and watched over the two piece of land. The balance between Good and Evil. It was her Realm.

What is Havida's Realm ?

Havida's Realm is a mainly Discorded wolf roleplay about two factions/empires of wolves:
Rosalis Rosas and Forbidden Reminder.

They have one thing in common, it is their belief in Havida, the Goddess and Maker of all.

Rosalis Rosas is made of 3 packs, the Solarius and the Frozinas, the complete opposite of eachother. They are ruled by a group of skilled wolves known as the "Royals". This empire is known to be peaceful and friendly. They live on a land protected by magic from the Lunarian Pond.

Forbidden Reminder, on the other paw, is made of one large group called "The King/Queen's group" or "The Founders"  who rules over many small packs made by wolves on their own called "houses". However, they must all vow themselves to "The Founders". They live on an hostile and unusual territory, destroyed and changed by a great disaster that happened centuries ago.